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Summer Newsletter

Please find attached our latest summer newsletter which has been delivered to all residents. It includes the information and advice on a host of helpful support services.

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COVID-19 Newsletter

Please find attached our latest COVID-19 newsletter which has been delivered to all residents. It includes the information and advice on a host of helpful support services. 

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Chief Constable of West Midlands Police Visits 4 Towers TMO!


As residents will have seen over the last several years, 4 Towers TMO has fostered an incredibly effective working partnership with a variety of departments within West Midlands Police. As part of this partnership, we have undertaken multiple key pieces of work to maintain community safety across our estate.  For residents, the most visible aspect of this partnership working will be the regular night time and weekend estate inspections that are conducted by officers from West Midlands Police and the 4 Towers TMO Housing Manager.  This has enabled us to identify individuals who have caused damage to our estate and stamp out general anti-social behaviour. Without such efforts, conducted by staff outside of office hours, we would have most likely been unable to catch these individuals.  We were delighted when this partnership working was recognised by the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, Sir David Thompson, who visited 4 Towers TMO shortly before Christmas and expressed his thanks for the good work he had heard about from his officers.  Sir David spent around an hour with our Housing Manager and subsequently joined him, and other West Midlands Police officers, for a late night inspection of the blocks and estate grounds.  Sir David was very complimentary about how seriously 4 Towers TMO take both the safety of our residents, and also how we had worked hard to foster strong professional relationships with officers across multiple departments. 


We are extremely grateful for the time Sir David found to meet us.  His visit was photographed on the West Midlands Police twitter feed which may have already been seen by some residents.

Follow the link below to find out about the range of mental health support services available. 

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Service Update


4 Towers TMO are working hard in order to ensure we continue to provide essential services to residents during the COVID 19 pandemic.


In order to reduce the risk of contact between TMO staff, the office will be open with reduced office staffing. Only in exceptional circumstances will we meet residents in the office; in these instances we will ensure we are fully compliant with the latest government guidance.


Our caretaking and cleaning staff are working hard in order to ensure that communal areas remain clean and safe, with particular emphasis placed on cleaning contact points such as buttons and door handles. We have also supplimented our cleaning service with a cleaner attending twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday in order to ensure our blocks stay as clean as possible throughout the week.


Our repairs provider (Wrekin Housing Trust) are now operating a normal repairs service following a reduced service during the outbreak.


During the current pandemic, you can phone the office in the usual way by calling 0121 426 4862.




For emergency out of hours repairs you can call 01952 217 217. If you live in either Metchley, Derwent or Coniston House and you have an emergency out of hours repair related to heating or hot water, call 0121 216 3330. If you have an emergency which is not related to repairs and the office is unmanned, you can call 07719 518 104 (this line is open during office hours).


We would like to thank residents for their patience during this challenging and unprecedented time.





4 Towers TMO is working with both Quinton and Oldbury foodbanks and the Active and Wellbeing Society to provide free short term, emergency food parcels to individuals and families in crisis. This service is intended for those individuals who are in financial crisis, to the extent that they have insufficient means to buy food and offers help on a short-term basis. As a registered referral agency, 4 Towers TMO can issue vouchers which residents can redeem at local foodbanks, provided they meet the correct criteria. If you believe that you may be eligible and would like to apply, call the 4 Towers office to find out more.


For many people, self isolation and social distancing may have a negative impact on mental health. Fortunately, there are many different support services currently available. Please see the contact details below for various support groups which have been set out by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health – one of these groups will be apply to either you or your family members.


0-18 years old: 0207 841 4470
(10 am to 6 pm 7 days a week)


Over 18 years old: 0121 262 3555
(9 am to 11 pm 7 days a week)


Key workers including NHS staff: 0121 663 1217
(9 am – 11 pm 7 days a week)




For information and advice on many of the support services which are available during the COVID 19 pandemic, please refer to our ‘Coronavirus Support Sheet’ which was distributed to all residents. The support sheet is also available to download by clicking the relevant button below. 


Government guidance regarding COVID 19 is constantly changing and so we recommend that you look out for the latest updates. Click the button below to view the latest national government guidelines. 

To view the latest government guidelines specifically for Birmingham, use the following link. 


Latest Government GuidanceCoronavirus Support Sheet


TMO Summer Newsletter


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COVID-19 Newsletter

Please find attached our latest COVID-19 newsletter which has been delivered to all residents. It includes the information and advice on a host of helpful support services. 

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4 Towers TMO

4 Towers was established in 2011 following an 85.5% vote in favour by tenants and leaseholders to manage their own homes transferring some responsibilities from Birmingham City Council to the tenant management organisation.

This commitment has been reconfirmed through the 2016 Continuation Ballot, where we returned an outstanding 98% in favour of remaining a TMO – with an equally impressive 85% turnout from residents.

Property Management

The TMO manages 212 properties, owned by Birmingham City Council, at a local level to provide housing management and repairs services to all tenants and leaseholders living in the four towers.

Can You Help?

We are always seeking new ways to reduce costs and bring benefits to our stakeholders.

If you can provide excellent service at competitive costs then please contact us to discuss your proposal!

ROUTINe and Out of Hours 

01952 217217


0121 216 3330


About Us


Registered TMO

 4 Towers Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) is registered with companies’ house as an industrial and provident society.


The TMO is managed by a Board of Management which can consist of 12 residents and 4 co-opted members. The Board meets on a regular basis to monitor how well 4 towers TMO is doing, agree plans for the future and decide on policies.

The Board

Board members are also involved in committees, sub-committees, working groups and panels. Board members are elected and perform their roles voluntarily to ensure the long term sustainability of 4 Towers TMO.

Service Delivery

The actual service delivery is carried out by a dedicated professional housing team, consisting of full time and part time staff in conjunction with a number of external service providers, in order to provide tenants with the best possible living experience and housing service.

Mission, Vision & Values

By delivering accessible and excellent customer service and by ensuring that we get the main objective of reliable repairs right, 4 Towers TMO will secure high levels of customer satisfaction. The TMO will seek to find ways to diversify the services offered to ensure value for money whilst also paying close attention to the changing needs of its client group, paying attention to the need for a safe and welcoming environment for all of its residents.
To be an outstanding and sustainable TMO that continues to improve the environment and wellbeing of its residents by maintaining our excellent repairs record and offering relevant direct services.

Excellent Customer Service
Delivering excellent service to our residents, we aim achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Working Together
We engage with residents, the board, operational staff and community and business partners in the delivery of services.

Creating Partnership Working
We endeavour to work with local services to create partnerships that will help to deliver the vision. We value and promote the partnership of working with our residents.

Long Term Loyalty & Sustainability
We will remain focused on the core aspects of our business and plan for the future, building relationships

Board Members

  • Mr Brian Winks (Chairperson)
  • Ms Georgina Hanna (Company Secretary)
  • Mr Kavan Hawker (Vice Chair / Treasurer)
  • Janice Frost
  • Lorne Green 
  • Gwendolyn Johnson 
  • Steven Wright 
  • Philip Kerry 
  • Elizabeth Moroney (Co-opted)
  • Cynthia Spence (Co-opted)

Interested in becoming a board member? Visit the TMO office to find out more!


2021 Continuation Ballot


In Favour Of Remaining


Turn Out

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or would like to work with us get in touch!