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4 Towers TMO

4 Towers was established in 2011 following an 85.5% vote in favour by tenants and leaseholders to manage their own homes transferring some responsibilities from Birmingham City Council to the tenant management organisation.

This commitment has been reconfirmed through the 2016 Continuation Ballot, where we returned an outstanding 98% in favour of remaining a TMO – with an equally impressive 85% turnout from residents.

Property Management

The TMO manages 212 properties, owned by Birmingham City Council, at a local level to provide housing management and repairs services to all tenants and leaseholders living in the four towers.

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We are always seeking new ways to reduce costs and bring benefits to our stakeholders.

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Routine Repairs

The Wrekin Housing Trust ~ 01952 217473

Out of Hours ~ 01952 217217


EcoPod Repairs ~ 0121 216 3330 

EcoPod Account Issues ~ 0121 303 4036 

About Us


Registered TMO

 4 Towers Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) is registered with companies’ house as an industrial and provident society.


The TMO is managed by a Board of Management which can consist of 12 residents and 4 co-opted members. The Board meets on a regular basis to monitor how well 4 towers TMO is doing, agree plans for the future and decide on policies.

The Board

Board members are also involved in committees, sub-committees, working groups and panels. Board members are elected and perform their roles voluntarily to ensure the long term sustainability of 4 Towers TMO.

Service Delivery

The actual service delivery is carried out by a dedicated professional housing team, consisting of full time and part time staff in conjunction with a number of external service providers, in order to provide tenants with the best possible living experience and housing service.

Mission, Vision & Values

By delivering accessible and excellent customer service and by ensuring that we get the main objective of reliable repairs right, 4 Towers TMO will secure high levels of customer satisfaction. The TMO will seek to find ways to diversify the services offered to ensure value for money whilst also paying close attention to the changing needs of its client group, paying attention to the need for a safe and welcoming environment for all of its residents.
To be an outstanding and sustainable TMO that continues to improve the environment and wellbeing of its residents by maintaining our excellent repairs record and offering relevant direct services.

Excellent Customer Service
Delivering excellent service to our residents, we aim achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Working Together
We engage with residents, the board, operational staff and community and business partners in the delivery of services.

Creating Partnership Working
We endeavour to work with local services to create partnerships that will help to deliver the vision. We value and promote the partnership of working with our residents.

Long Term Loyalty & Sustainability
We will remain focused on the core aspects of our business and plan for the future, building relationships

Board Members

  • Mr Minesh Pattni (Chairperson)
  • Ms Elizabeth Moroney (Company Secretary)
  • Ms Elizabeth Gillings (Treasurer)
  • Georgina Hanna
  • Janice Frost
  • Brian Winks
  • Kavan Hawker
  • Cheryl Sewell
  • Kaash Choundhry (Co-opted)

    Interested in becoming a board member? Visit the TMO office to find out more!

Continuation Ballot


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Turn Out

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